Digital FRAME - MiniCommander

Some Digilat Frames are not able to start presentation when they are switched on. The idea of this microcontroller device is to learn sequence of commands (IR remote controller commands) you send to Digitalframe by your IR remote controler after switching on. The microcontroller will transmit this sequence to Digital frame next time automatically instead of you.
The device is based on ATMEGA88 microcontroller with one external beeper. All you need is to connect this microcontroller with DigitalFrame IR sensor via three wires (VCC,GND and SIGNAL). Firstly, you have to be shure, your DigitalFrame IR sensor is one of "open collector" version.

How it works:

After DigitalFrame is switched ON, the microcontroler is going into laerning state and produce two beeps. Now you can programm your DigitalFrame via IR remote controller and microcontroller is writting all those commands into his internal EEPROM memory. The limit is 100 commands in current version. When you are complete with programming, simply let DigitalFrame to start presentation. Microcontroller will end learning mode in 20 seconds without command receiving.
Once microcontroller knows the sequence, it waits after switching on approx. twenty seconds and if there is not IR activity, it switch to next state. In this state microcontroller transmits learned sequence out to Digital Frame. The delay between commands in sequence is approx. 1s, which is enough for my DigitalFrame.

First prototype :

DigitalFrame Schematic (Click on Picture to show full size):

Microcontroller program (hex) :

Comment :
There is lot of different standarts used for IR signal transmission and coding. So its possible, you will have to reprogram microcontroller to be able to understand your coding in case its different form my one.

Some tips at the end :
1, You can use this device / idea for others IR controlled equipments too.
2, You can add to this device IR sensor and transmitter and to use it as independent device for generating IR sequence for any other devices, you need....
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